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Have a question? See our FAQ's below, if you can't find the answer send us an email at

  • Why do my candles look different?
    Each candle is poured by hand, not a machine, which means there may be some variation between candles. We aim to be as precise as possible, and we think the variations only add to the character of each candle.
  • My order hasn't arrived yet?
    Don't worry if your order hasn't arrived yet. Unfortunately there may be some delays in postage due to Covid-19.
  • How do I burn my candle evenly?
    Make sure you trim the wick to 5mm, and keep your candle away from draughts to ensure an even burn.
  • Is my mail bag compositible?
    Yes! Our mailer bags are 100% compostible they're typically made from plant based materials and/or bio-polymores. Expect your bag to break down within 180 days, after degradation they leave no harmful residue behind.
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